Kitchen Table II

Steel table legs, in the resting position.
 We needed a kitchen table for the cats to sleep on while we were at work. So it needed to be able to support the weight of two large housecats, but with the potential to support at least skinny two derby girls dancing. Metal supports were overkill, but I know a welder. I took him some drawings and had him fabricate them for me.
 Since I blew the whole budget on welding, the table top ended up being spruce stained to look like walnut. Biscuit joined and glued, the top is 68″ x 42″. I imagine these to be the same dimensions as a viking’s table, so this makes me happy.

 With the intent to one day (ONE DAY) build a more elegant (and larger) top, the legs were designed to be modular (for modularity?). Simply unscrew the lag bolts and a new top can be added. Whimsical.

The beauty of the design (if I do say so myself) is that it will accommodate up to a 10′ table top, providing seating for hundreds of people (I would estimate).

As you can see, it supports both a meal and a cat simultaneously. Impressive stuff. BTW, those chairs are no longer allowed in the same room as the table. A matching bench is in the works.