Apologies, excuses, and a new kitchen table.

So, while I should have been posting new work and projects as they happen, 
I’ve spent all my blogging time doing this: 

Don loves Lindsay.
Not awful. Very surprised.
So now I’m getting back on track. There’s going to be a barrage of posts in the next week to catch up on all the projects I’ve done since last summer. And I promise not to take a big break like that again. 

Blank canvas. Reclaimed Douglas Fir
from an old grain elevator in Southern Saskatchewan.

Table top layout. Matching colour and grain patterns.

Who doesn’t love glue-ups?

Upside down tables: still hilarious, one year later. 

 So I had this commissioned table, and the clients wanted the top to have boards running width-wise instead of the usual length-wise. Cool choice, but causes problems with wood movement. As temperature and humidity change, wood expands and contracts across its width. I had to take this into account and build in some pretty clever (if I do say so) hidden gaps to allow for movement. 

Assembled, one coat of stain. 


On to the next one.